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For Geeks, by Geeks

We are a team of 3 Board Game Lovers.

Our company was started when we wanted to play every game of the Top 100 Board Games of All Time and track our progress, but we couldn’t find any good enough solution for this. So we decided to create a scratch poster dedicated for that.

Then we were gladly welcomed to the worldwide board gaming family. We met many awesome and inspirational people!

We had collaborations, wholesale orders and sales in over 40 countries in just 6 month and only with 2 products.

We are constantly experimenting, improving and working on bringing you the best experience! From purchase to the last scratched off icon!

Meet our Team

Eugene - Owner, Customer Service

I love to play one game over and over until I become a pro.
Favorite board games: Mansions of Madness and Flash Point.

Vladimir - Owner, Product Development

I love ameritrash and storytelling games.
Favorite board games: Mansions of Madness and Blood Bowl Team Manager.

Anton - Owner, Design

I can fall asleep reading the 5th page of rulebook.
Favorite board games: Memoir'44 and Gloomhaven.